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ELISA Substrates

KPL offers a variety of standard and proprietary colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates for use in ELISA visualization and detection.  The choice of substrate depends on a number of factors, including the type of enzyme, the degree of sensitivity required, instrumentation, filter requirements and safety issues.

          BluePhos and pNPP Substrates

Most ELISAs use antibodies conjugated to enzymes in order to generate signal through substrate reaction with the enzyme. HRP has been shown historically to be more sensitive than AP primarily due to its faster catalytic rate. However, HRP reactions may be self-limiting due to by-product inhibition of the enzyme. In contrast, AP reactions exhibit a slower catalytic rate but are not self-limiting. In addition, AP reaction rates remain linear over long periods of time; therefore, sensitivity can be improved by allowing the reaction to proceed for a longer time.

See KPL's Overview of ELISA Substrates for peroxidase and phosphatase to find the appropriate substrate for your application.




ELISA AP Substrates

ELISA HRP Substrates