5X Detector™ Block
2 x 120 mL 5X Detector Block Solution, 2 x 10 g Detector Block Powder
Cat. #: 71-83-00
Size: 240 mL
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Product Highlights

- Highly effective at reducing nonspecific binding when used as blocker and/or diluent 

- Enables higher signal-to-noise than traditional blocks

Detector Block is recommended as a general blocking agent for use in membrane-based detection assays. It is especially useful when traditional blocking solutions (i.e., milk, BSA, casein) reduce sensitivity or do not adequately block background.


Applications: Southern, Northern, and Western blotting

Stability: 1 year from date of receipt

Storage: 2 - 8°C


A Comparison of Blocking Solutions Used in Western Blotting

Peroxidase Membrane Colorimetric Substrates

Phosphatase Membrane Colorimetric Substrates

Time Course for LumiGLO HRP Chemiluminescent Substrates on Nitrocellulose Membrane Application Note

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