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TMB BlueSTOP™ Solution
4 x 100 mL TMB BlueSTOP Solution
Cat. #: 50-85-30
Size: 400 mL
List Price: $69.20

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Product Highlights

- A single 650-nm filter can be used to read TMB before and after stopping.

- Enables monitoring and control of color development in microwells

- Stopped reactions are stable for at least 2 hours

TMB BlueSTOP™ Solution is formulated to stop color development in ELISAs and maintain the blue color of TMB.  Unlike traditional acid-based TMB stopping solutions, the O.D. value of TMB does not change upon addition of TMB BlueSTOP. The stopped substrate is stable for an extended period. TMB BlueSTOP is ideal for use with KPL's ELISA substrates: SureBlue™ TMB Microwell Peroxidase SubstrateSureBlue Reserve™  TMB Microwell Peroxidase Substrate, and TMB Microwell Peroxidase Substrate System.


Application: ELISA

Measurement: 650 nm

Stability: 2 years from date of receipt

Storage: 2 - 8°C


Peroxidase Microwell Colorimetric Substrates

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