Press Releases

October, 2014
10/28/14 FREE samples of our top-selling ELISA or Western Blot reagents
September, 2014
09/04/14 New anti-FluorTag antibody conjugates
August, 2014
08/22/14 SeraCare Introduces New ACCURUN® C. difficile Control Set
08/05/14 SeraCare Expands Women’s Health Portfolio with New ACCURUN® Controls
July, 2014
07/29/14 KPL Expands BacTrace® Line
June, 2014
06/25/14 New Research Panels for Hepatitis C, Chagas and Dengue Unveiled
May, 2014
05/28/14 New BacTrace STEC Antibodies
April, 2014
04/30/14 New BacTrace Antibody Coated Latex Beads
February, 2014
02/11/14 SeraCare Life Sciences and Dr. Jack Wands Spark Advancements in Oncology Diagnostics
September, 2013
09/20/13 SeraCare Life Sciences Expands R&D Facilities
August, 2013
08/20/13 SeraCare Life Sciences Acquires KPL: Expands Product Offering for Diagnostics Research
08/15/13 Kirkegaard & Perry Laboratories, Inc. and Vivione Biosciences Inc. Announce New Collaboration
June, 2013
06/06/13 KPL Launches Antibody-Coated Magnetic Beads
January, 2013
01/03/13 KPL Announces Line Extension with New Primary Antibodies
July, 2012
07/24/12 KPL, Inc. Publishes New Antibodies & Conjugates Catalog
May, 2012
05/15/12 KPL, Inc. Releases New Line Chemiluminescent Kits for Western Blotting
05/09/12 KPL, Inc. Publishes New Catalog Featuring Top Products
April, 2012
04/05/12 Salmonella Outbreak
March, 2012
03/21/12 KPL Celebrates the Release of New STEC Antibodies
03/06/12 E. coli O26 Outbreak


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