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BacTrace® Anti-Escherichia coli O26 Antibody, Biotin-labeled
1 x 0.5 mg biotin-labeled antibody to Escherichia coli O26
Cat. #: 16-95-92
Size: 0.5 mg
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Product Highlights

  • High specificity to E. coli O26, minimal cross-reactivity to other E. coli serogroups
  • Polyclonal antibody yields higher sensitivity than monoclonal antibodies
  • Standardized lots provide consistent performance

BacTrace® Antibody to E. coli O26 is isolated from a serum pool of goats immunized with heat-killed whole cells of E. coli serogroup O26. Certain strains of the E. coli serogroup O26 are considered to be STECs (shiga toxin-producing E. coli). Biotin-labeled antibodies are recommended for use with KPL's labeled streptavidin for increased sensitivity in immunoassays.


Immunogen: Heat-killed whole cells of E. coli serotype O26

Purification: Affinity purification

Specificity: E. coli O26

Host: Goat

Form: Whole IgG

Label: Biotin with long carbon spacer arm 

Physical State: Lyophilized

Stabilizers/Preservatives: Goat serum added as protein stabilizer

Suggested Working Dilutions: FLISA: 1:100 – 1:1,000 (10.0 µg/mL - 1.0 µg/mL) Blotting: 1:7500 – 1:15,000 (0.13 µg/mL - 0.067 µg/mL), Immunohistology: 1:100 – 1:1,000 (10.0 µg/mL - 1.0 µg/mL)

Stability: 1 year from date of receipt

Storage: 2 - 8°C

The plot depicts OD values from a TMB-detected HRP capture-ELISA. KPL heat-killed positive controls from various STEC serogroups and S. typhimurium (1:100 dilution, ~107 CFU/mL) were used as analytes. Unlabeled Anti-E. coli O26 antibody (KPL catalog no. 01-95-92) was used as the capture antibody and HRP-labeled conjugate (KPL catalog no. 04-95-92) was used as the reporter. All other assay components were KPL catalog products. This study demonstrates the high specificity of BacTrace Anti-E. coli O26 in an ELISA.  Cross reactivity is minimal with other E. coli groups and non-E. coli bacteria.

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